(2015-2016) The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Saint Cloud sponsored "The Great iPad Giveaway".  The iPads were donated by various businesses within the St. Cloud diocese.  Mrs. Dunn's 3&4 grade class submitted an entry using the 'Show Me' app on an iPad to tell a bible story.  Her class was awarded an iPad during Catholic School's Week.  The link below allows you to see their entry.

St. Agnes Participates in the Osakis Days Parade

Creating memories that last a lifetime for the students.  Balancing life with work and play.  Enjoying the little things in life.  School, Family, Togetherness.

At St. Agnes we

'Model T' by: Teaching, Teamwork, & Talents

Amber and Kora out for a Sunday "JOY" ride...


Others, &


Greeting the crowds with a Friendly

St. Agnes Spirit!

Having Fun showing our school pride!

St. Agnes Models more than 'T'...

We model "Learning beyond Academics"

What a way to end the year!

With the goal for the Catholic United Financial Fundraiser met, Mrs. Pat held up to her end of the challenge and received her 'Pies in the Face' during our Celebration of Learning on May 8th. As you scroll down you will see that Mrs. Pat's challenge was met by eight students!   Thank you Mrs. Pat for being a great motivator.  As the smiles on their faces show, they had fun, but it was also a fun moment for all who watched. 

The St. Agnes students have been working on projects in the classroom to be auctioned off at the Spring Fling.  Here are a few.

1st grade students hand tie a fleece throw to be auctioned off at the
Spring Fling.

The finished product!

3rd and 4th grade students create this Fingerprint Dove painting.  Each student chose a specific color to make their fingerprints and signed their name on the bottom next to that color.

The 5th and 6th Grade Class Picture Quilt


K - 2nd Grade School Quilt

3rd - 6th Grade School Quilt

The Fifth and Sixth Graders at Environment Camp

     Our goals in going to Environment Camp at the Long Lake Conservation Center are to instill an appreciation and love for the earth, respect for all people, build self-esteem, and learn more about the environment.

    While at Long Lake the students did: indoor archery, built survival shelters in the woods, learned to use a compass, learned about various types of snakes, cooked a wilderness meal outside, played a game from the Ojibway culture called Snow Snakes, and played a game called Thicket to show how animals blend into the background so their prey cannot get them.

    An enjoyable time was had by all!

Grade 2
Meet the Authors Publishing Party

In November each of the students wrote and illustrated a page for their book "The Adventures of the Gingerbread Man."  The students hosted a publishing party and read their pages to their special guests.

   Students sign
   in their books
   for parents
   and guests.

Happy Holidays (2015)

Please scroll down to see what the St. Agnes students
have been up to this holiday season.

Family and friends enjoy the St. Agnes
Christmas programs.

Kindergarten through 6th grade performing
Simply Christmas.

Preschool students performing Someone has a Birthday.

1st and 2nd grade students hold the donations collected for their "Baby Jesus Shower" service project.  All items donated were given to the Birthright Center in Alexandria. 

In Social Studies the Kindergarten students have been learning about holiday customs and traditions.  

Kara Waldvogel shared the family tradition of candy making with the Kindergarten class. 

Here she is showing the candy dipping tool that her Godfather made for her. 

Students get to sample the candies that Kara makes during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students ended their history unit on the first Thanksgiving by sharing their knowledge with friends and families. All were invited to a Thanksgiving Celebration: Eat, drink, and party like a pilgrim.

Sauk River Watershed Library Board
Visits St. Agnes

The Kindergarten students visit the Sauk River Library Board to learn about Lake Wildlife, amphibians, and the different types of frogs that are found in Minnesota.

Thank You for a Successful Pancake Breakfast!

    The Workathon fundraiser has come to an end with the culmination of the Pancake Breakfast at the Community Center on Sunday, November 2nd. It was a great success allowing us to reach our goal for this fundraiser. It is with great appreciation we recognize all those who played a key part in the success of this event. 

    Thank you to the Knights of Columbus and Christian Mothers for the time spent cooking, baking, and serving of the breakfast. It is heart-warming to see the support we receive from the parish.
    Thank you to our parents and students who volunteered their time to help make this event a success. Students learn from your example. Thank you for modeling service and passing this value onto your child(ren).
    Thank you to everyone who came to show your support by joining us for breakfast and sharing in community fellowship.
     And a special thank you to the OEDC for working with us on this community endeavor. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when everyone pulls together. We encourage you to support the local businesses as they give back to the community many times over.

A great day for the WORKATHON!

St. Agnes students enjoyed working together to help members of the community. Students raked leaves, picked up bush trimmings, and cleaned Fr. Dave's garden.

Fifth and Sixth grade students help launch the annual WORKATHON

We are excited about Workathon 2014 and invite you to join us. This year the Workathon is dedicated to Kathy Bowman as we recognize her 10 years of service to the Foster Grandparent program. Grandma Kathy continues to devote many hours in the kindergarten classroom each week. Each day the children can count on her to be at the classroom door to greet them with a cheerful greeting and a smile. We thank Grandma Kathy for her years of dedicated service to St. Agnes. Through the Workathon, her spirit of dedication and tradition of service will be carried on by students and families working together for the good of others.

The purpose of the Workathon is three-fold:
1) To give service to Senior Citizens, the disabled, and the community at large
2) To raise funds for the education programs of the school
3) To give the opportunity for students and families to work together in a good Christian community spirit

Recipients of the work projects do not pay for the work done; rather other community members donate toward work projects. Our goal this year is $8,000.

Donations can be sent to St. Agnes. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Fifth grade students help first graders in reading challenge
By Annie Harman, The Osakis Review 3/12/2014

As a part of the nationwide event, “Read the Most Coast to Coast,” St. Agnes School students teamed together to read as many books as they could in one school day. Older students assisted some of the younger kids in reading books and taking their Accelerated Reader Quizzes.

“By the end of the school day on Friday, the nation had read about five million books,” said Principal Pat Pospisil. “The St. Agnes students read anywhere from 100 to 150 books throughout the day.”

Ready, set, read!

The Osakis Review 2/26/2014

Students at St. Agnes School are preparing for a nationwide effort to “Read the Most Coast to Coast” on Friday, February 28.

They are among hundreds of thousands of students who will join in this third annual reading challenge.

Read the Most Coast to Coast encourages students to read more and take part in a one-day effort to beat the record for the number of Accelerated Reader Quizzes taken in one day.

Last school year, students set a new one-day record of 4,409,622 quizzes.

At St. Agnes, all students will take part in this shared effort to top a national reading record.

Older students will be reading to younger students and listen to beginning readers read to them. All students who participate will receive a Certificate of National Participation.

“Read the Most Coast to Coast is a fun-filled event that enables students at multiple grade levels to join in a shared reading challenge,” said Principal Pat Pospisil. “Students are engaging in valuable reading practice, all while taking part in an event that joins students across the country in a collaborative effort focused on reading. We’re so proud of our students.”

Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader is a K12 program that serves as a platform for teachers to manage independent reading practice. Students read books at the appropriate level and then take a quiz to show they understood what they’ve read. The web-based program provides access to 160,000 quizzes, enabling students to choose from a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books.

During the event, Renaissance Learning will track national quizzes on its hosted database and share progress online. Educators, parents, and interested community members will be able to see progress toward the national goal at www.renaissancelearning.com/read-the-most.

St. Agnes provides Valentine’s Day fun for families

The Osakis Review 2/26/2014

St. Agnes offered a little something extra this Valentine’s Day.

It hosted a “Free Valentine’s Childcare” event for the community. Parents received local dining coupons for a night on the town.

The children and caregivers enjoyed their time together playing, doing projects, snacking, exercising in the gym, and watching a movie. According to the organizers, it was a great success and a good time for all.

The families of St. Agnes are now organizing upcoming events: Carnival held at the Osakis Public School on Sunday, March 9 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m; and the Spring Fling held at the Osakis VFW on Saturday, April 5.

St. Agnes School will also re-launch its preschool program for children ages 3 (by September 1) through age 5.

St. Agnes preschool for the 2014-2015 school year will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a full day option (8 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.) or a morning option (8 to 11:30 a.m.).

To register or for more information about preschool through grade 6 activities or any event, call Mrs. Pat at (320) 859-2130.

St. Agnes volunteers entertained children with a variety of activities on Valentine’s Day while the children’s parents enjoyed a night out. (Contributed)

St. Agnes kids reenact Christmas night

Annie Harman, The Osakis Review 12/24/2013

The St. Agnes School performed Get in Line for Christmas on December 19, a fun twist on the Christmas story that involves angels reading the newspaper and wisemen at the mall.

As the clerk at the Inn, Kessie Kulzer describes being able to house the newborn king in her manger the best night of her life. (Annie Harman/Echo Press)

St. Agnes students stretching brains with Action Based Learning program

Roberta Olson, The Osakis Review 12/11/2013

Here the youngsters read a Thansgiving poem, while decked out in their Pilgrim hats. (Roberta Olson/Osakis Review)

St. Agnes students get to work, help neighbors clean up

The Osakis Review 11/7/2013

St. Agnes students helped their neighbors clean up on Friday, October 25 with the Work-a-Thon.

Raking leaves in the front yard at Grandpa’s Attic in Osakis were (from left) McCarter Kirksey, Levi Leaunart, Scott Oeltjen and Miss Powlish. The business fronts on the highway and the many large oak trees dropped their leaves for the St. Agnes Work-a-Thon. (Contributed)

Darlyne Hinnenkamp (center) was honored by designation in the St. Agnes School Work-a-Thon on Friday, October 25. She is shown here with children she worked with during her 20 years of volunteering at the school.

St. Agnes students visit St. John’s

Roberta Olson, The Osakis Review 10/29/2013

Fifth and sixth graders from St. Agnes School in Osakis took a field trip to St. John’s Abbey Church and Hill Monastic Library on Tuesday, October 15. The 11 students were accompanied by their teacher, Veronica Powlish.

The outing included touring the Abbey Church and its chapels on the basement level and seeing the exhibit of the St. John’s Bible. The students had activities in the college gym in lieu of a tour of the Arboretum in the rain.

They enjoyed lunch and tasted some Johnny Bread.

Maddy and Kessie were impressed with the video on the making of the St. John’s Bible and viewing the Bible exhibit. Cassie admired the Abbey Church, and Brently and Alexis liked the stained glass windows in the church.

Carlie was most impressed at seeing the remains of a real saint, St. Peregrin, in the basement chapel. “We saw his whole skeleton in the basement. He was 14. There was a window in the altar with his skeleton,” she said. Helena was interested in the individual chapels, each with its own altar, in the basement level of the church.

As might be expected, the growing boys were impressed with the lunch. Kellen said the best part of the trip was the all-you-can-eat food in the cafeteria, while Dylan preferred the fast food steak and salad, and Scott liked the ice cream.

Jace liked the activities in the gym, playing Sayarona and Detective and frog games.

Powlish summed up the entire trip as “awesome.”

St. Agnes students complete DARE program

The Osakis Review 4/3/13

On March 21, St. Agnes School’s fifth and sixth graders graduated from the Drug Abuse and Resistance Education (DARE) program. Over the last several weeks, students learned strategies for saying no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco and the negative effects of the substances.

St. Agnes students celebrating Pope Francis

Fifth and sixth grade class flexed their artistic talents to draw and color Pope Francis’ coat of arms

By: Amy Chaffins, The Osakis Review 4/3/13

Last week, St. Agnes School’s fifth and sixth grade class flexed their artistic talents to draw and color Pope Francis’ coat of arms.

The pope’s coat of arms is described as including a gold star representing the Virgin Mary, and the nardo, a grape-like plant with which St. Joseph is often represented. Above them is the emblem of Francis’ Jesuit order. Together the three represent Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The three symbols on the coat of arms is painted on a bright blue background and at the top, a sun with the letters IHS in the middle, the logo of the Jesuit Society, and underneath a five-point star and a lily, symbolising the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph.

The Latin motto beneath the crest is “miserando atque eligendo,” which refers to a Bible passage showing Jesus Christ’s “mercy” in choosing Matthew, a tax collector, to be one of his disciples.

The coat of arms is the same Pope Francis used as archbishop of Buenos Aires.

St. Agnes Carnival a festive fundraiser

Children were lined up with their carnival tickets to play games like plinko, duck pond, sucker pole, Easter egg hunt

By: Amy Chaffins, The Osakis Review 3/13/13

Dozens of games and endless prizes generated lots of excitement Sunday during the annual St. Agnes School Carnival. One game that generated a lot of interest was the container blast game - hundreds of various containers were lined up on gym bleachers and with the luck of the draw, participants won the container’s contents. Children were lined up with their carnival tickets to play games like plinko, duck pond, sucker pole, Easter egg hunt, sports games and more. Face painting, silent auction, bingo and a dessert walk added to the festive atmosphere. The annual carnival is one of the school’s biggest fundraisers.

Children playing "Container Blast."

St. Agnes students revel in camp experience

St. Agnes School’s fifth and sixth grade students took to the woods last month for a three-day stay at Long Lake Conservation Center near Palisade

By: Amy Chaffins, The Osakis Review 3/6/13

St. Agnes School’s fifth and sixth grade students took to the woods last month for a three-day stay at Long Lake Conservation Center near Palisade.

Students had the opportunity to try a variety of outdoor activities during their stay February 6-8, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, building survival shelters, orienteering and wilderness-meal preparation. Plus, there were learning events indoors too, like a workshop on snakes, skits, journaling and an awards ceremony.

Veronica Powlish is the fifth and sixth grade teacher at St. Agnes School and she said, “The students were awesome. They took part in everything and I think it was a great experience for everyone.”

Each student mentioned their favorite part of camp: Triston - Snakes Alive, Rachel - orienteering, because I was first in my color group, Chris - Hiding in the thicket and people would look for you, Alexis - learning about owls and playing games, Preston - cross-country skiing, Elli - cross-country skiing, Maddy - cross-country skiing, Scott - snowshoeing, because we got to go lots of places, Brandon - lunch, because their food was so good, Kylie - skits, because everybody came up with different stuff, Adam - snowshoeing, Dylan - Alpha Wolf, because we got to howl like a wolf and see if we could get a response, Kessie - skits, Ms. Powlish - being outside in the beautiful weather.

St. Agnes School fifth and sixth graders make the trek to Long Lake Conservation Center every other year.

St. Agnes School fifth and sixth graders at Long Lake Conservation Center in February.

There were a lot of outdoor activities for the students to try, including cross-country skiing. As it turns out, this was a camp highlight for several of the students.

Students learned about building survival shelters in the woods.